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Sweet surprises are available for special occasions!  We continue to take steps in ensuring the work environment is sanitary and are offering delivery service to residential door step locations or you are welcome to pick up from our doorstep in Douglasdale.

We also offer delivery service to the following local hospitals:   Alberta Children's Hospital, Rockyview Hospital and South Health Campus.             

Sweetest Regards, The SugarBuzzYYC Team.

Enjoy browsing SUGARBUZZ delicious selections below!  **We have so many selections & variations, we simply cannot post them all.  Please call or message us to discuss custom orders**   

Please allow 24 hours for your sweet & unique gift to be created.  

The photos below start with Seasonal selections followed by everyday bouquets.  

(Several of our bouquets can be made larger or smaller, we try to fit any budget!).  Some items may not have a price listed as they are a sample of previous custom orders we are sharing as examples...the options are endless!  

To order, click on the "ORDERING" tab above.


"Candy Cubes" BLOWOUT Teacher / Student Gifts! $10 - assorted colors available. Each contains chocolate, candies, flower seed pack, deck of card, stress ball/keychain and a “You Are Awesome” card.

Father's Day Special

Dad's Candy Bar Base $59.95

Happy Father's Day Base

A sweet & unique "Happy Father's Day Base" loaded with assorted treats, $59.95

Jelly Bean Cube

"Jelly Bean Cube"...too many sweets to count! Lots of candy! Lots of chocolates! $61.95

Peek A Boo Pots

Peek A Boo Pot (Large) $19.95 ... see previous photo for Small size

Candy Bar Base w/ Plush

Adding one of our plush selections to our "Candy Bar Base" makes for an extra sweet surprise! (Pick interchangeable) $66 + up dependent on plush

Spring Fling

"Spring Fling"... a wine glass filled with flavour! 30+ treats including chocolate $30.95

Pretty In Pink

"Pretty In Pink" ... lots of candy and chocolate throughout. Two sizes available - Medium $54.95 / Large $64.95

Lucky Girl

"Lucky Girl"...a smaller sundae $44.95

Perfect For Her

"Perfect For Her" ... sweets galore! This is our medium size sundae available ($49.95)

Turtle Sundae

"Turtle Sundae" ... treats galore! This is our largest style sundae ($54.95)


"Gorgeous"...(not too many, but just enough) delicious candies and chocolates in a mug just for her. Included is one of our "ganache roses" as well a one artificial rose in front. (Mugs may vary dependent on stock availability). $35.95

Birthday Bash

"Birthday Bash" $99.95 **this can be made for any occasion, pick will be switched out accordingly**

Grads CBB

Our Graduation Candy Bar Base is perfect for saying job well done! A great assortment of sweet treats. $58.95

Candy Bar Base

Our popular "Candy Bar Base" is sure to please the real SWEET TOOTH! (Plush extra) $58.95

Sending You Smiles

"Sending You Smiles" ... Lots of treats throughout! $65.95 ***This particular bouquet cannot be made smaller due to size of base however we have other "Smiley" bases available.*** Please call to inquire (403) 457-4386


"Beautiful Blue"...a good mix of chocolate and candy. Two sizes available - Medium $54.95 / Large $64.95

Junk Food Junkie1

"Junk Food Junkie"...loads of traditional favorites throughout! Tell us his/her faves and we'll prepare something "Sweet & Unique!" $57.95

Jelly Bean Bowl

"Jelly Bean Bowl"...too many sweets to count! Lots of candy! Lot of chocolate! $58.95


"Camo" bouquet - $56.95 + whatever denomination Tim Hortons card you'd like to add.

Casino Time

"Casino Time!"...(this bouquets can be made smaller or larger to suit your budget). As pictured, $64.95

6-Pack Coke Bouquet

Our "6-Pack Coke Bouquet" is great for any occasion! $68.95

Congrats Grad!

Nothing says "Congrats Grad!" like this sweet surprise! $59.95

So Bright $99.95

"So Bright"...a large arrangement consisting of a large vase filled with Sassy Taffy topped with all sorts of delicious treats! $99.95


"Topiary" ... an elegant wooden topiary loaded with sweet treats! $109.95

Reeces Pieces

"Reeces Pieces" ... For the Peanut Butter lover! Other sweet treats are throughout this arrangement as well $49.95

Reece Cup Pup

Reece Cup Pup - lots of Reece and other sweets throughout $60.95

Jumbo Love Bear

Jumbo Love Bear ($20 add on)

Fall Treats

"Fall Treats" - a nice selection of treats, great for sharing $79.95

Classic Car

For the "Classic Car" lover! Great for any occasion, Birthday, Father's Day, Anniversary...(Color of car may vary dependent on availability). $56.95

Smartie-Nerds Cube

Smartie-Nerds Cube...2 boxes of Smarties, 2 boxes of Nerds with more treats kids love on top! $22.95

Smiley One

"All Smiles"...Lots of treats throughout! $36.95 + up (a variety of "SMILEY" bases available...boxes, ceramic, mugs etc.)

Peek-a-Boo pots

"Peek-a-Boo Pots" are the perfect little "Thank You" gift containing a handful of sweets! $12.95 (small - as pictured) or $19.95 (large-see next photo)

Handful of Sweets (2)

"A Handful Of Sweets" ... just a little something to say thank you! 11 sweet treats in total $12.95

Plush Treat Bag

A "Plush Treat Bag" is perfect for young children...easy to open, delicious treats, and a plush to cuddle up with! Prices vary as we have a wide variety of plush. $39.95 + up

Popcorn Fun!

Popcorn Fun! $52.95

Pink Bear

Plush Pink Bear ($10 add on)

"Popcan Surprise!"

"Popcan Surprise!" any flavors, age appropriate treats piled on top $15.95

Teens Sugar Fix

"Teens Sugar Fix" $22.95

"Way To Go!"

"Way To Go!" $39.95 for full size or $24.95 for Mini (great for young children)

"Sweet Recital"

"Sweet Recital"... $32.95

"Outdoors Man"

For the outdoors guy...sweets of all sorts, especially chocolate! $53.95


"Soda-licious!!!"...A delightful mix of gourmet chocolates, hard candy, & Sassy Taffy! Approx 65 sweet treats, this is our smallest version and most basic sundae available. ($46.95)

"Bright & Cheerful!"...all sorts of goodies throughout! $52.95

"Pet Lover Candy Bar Base"

"Pet Lover Candy Bar Base" ... for those celebrating or missing a furry friend. $55.95


"Sporty"...Like Sports?...then this is perfect! This beer mug is loaded & topped off with sweet treats! $32.95


A "Popcorn Candy Bouquet" is perfect for the whole family! Several sizes and combinations available. Call to discuss options (403) 457-4386


"FunFunFun!!!"...$50 range

H.U.G.E. $199.95

"H.U.G.E.!" Great for sharing! $199.95


"Smiles All Around" ... a large arrangement of fun treats, great for sharing or for the real sweet tooth! (Approx 55-60 treats) $70.95

Happy Bday generic

Our "Happy Birthday" bouquets come in any size...starting at $45+


Our "Get Well Soon" bouquets come in a variety of sizes, starting at $45+

Sports Team $54.95

"Sports Team" ...tell us your favorite team and we'll put together something extra sweet! $59.95

Mini Favor Box

"Mini Favor Box"...a bright and cheerful box with 8 sweet treats (Sassy Taffy, Bon Bons & Chocolate). Great for a special group! $3.50

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