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“SugarBuzz Candy BUFFET”…

a sweet experience!


Thinking of something “Sweet & Unique” for an upcoming event?  Our Candy Buffet is sure to please and delight!  We cater to any event… Weddings / Corporate / Graduations / Birthdays / Sporting Events / Product Launches / Charity Events / Bridal & Baby Showers / Grand Openings … and many more!


Our candy buffet service includes:

Gourmet Chocolate / Delicious Candy Assortment/ Design / Glassware / Plastic candy bags & ties / Theme accessories and décor / Candy setup & take down / Candy scoops & tongs


It is our #1 priority to work together with clients to ensure their event is exactly what they imagined.  One thing remains clear: every client is different…every table reflects their personality, further complimented by our endless creativity.  We can even coordinate fantastic table centerpieces to stay within the “candy theme”! 


SugarBuzzYYC uses the tastiest, most desirable candies that we know your guests will enjoy.  This can range from familiar sweet treats for children’s events to a more elegant line of gourmet candies and ganache.  We also provide packages that are designed to accommodate guests, add to the décor, or promote your business. 


Call us for a free consultation!  Options we will be discussing include:

1)      Theme, style, and ambiance of your candy buffet table based off of your budget and size of your event.

2)      Number of guests.

3)      Do you want guests to take candy home in a bag as a wedding favor or is the buffet an extension of        your dessert table?

4)      Do you want to order extra candy to cover the gift opening the next day?

5)      Cost of bags or containers varies widely. Do you want to use Chinese food take out type containers or do you prefer organza bags / plastic bags?


$150.00 Includes:

-       Design / detail

-       Rental of containers (pays for time to clean before & after)

-       Set up & take down

-       Delivery


Additional Cost(s)


-       Candy cost (typically somewhere around $8-$10 per person)

-       Decorative features

-       Take away containers

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